Best Dialysis EHR Software

For Dialysis Centres


RenalWorks is dedicated to creating Asia’s foremost Electronic Health Record (EHR) and billing software for dialysis clinics, catering to independent, group, and hospital-based dialysis clinics.


Why Choose RenalWorks Cloud Dialysis Software

Our Cloud Dialysis Software streamlines data flows, optimises patient care, and increases clinic efficiencies. It’s a practical choice for dialysis centres of all sizes.

At RenalWorks, we approach EHR software differently

  • We offer proprietary EHR software which taps the latest cloud and mobile technologies to overcome the challenges of installing conventional dialysis EHR systems in our part of the world.
  • Our all-in-one software is accessible through an internet browser on mobile devices, allowing for efficient recording, retrieval, and management of patient and enterprise data. This modern solution improves patient outcomes and billing and clinic efficiencies.
homepage - renalworks
homepage - renalworks

Drive Better Patient Care  

  • RenalWorks EHR strengthens patient care with comprehensive up-to-date patient health data in one place. This allows for informed decision-making, care coordination, and prevention of complications.
  • Enjoy quick access, updates, and sharing of patient information, freeing your staff for essential tasks.
  • Empower your healthcare teams with timely information and insights, optimizing resources and improving patient outcomes.

Efficiently Manage Your Dialysis Clinic

  • We understand the importance of managing your clinic efficiently, and have designed our software to help in multiple ways.
  • With our single patient information database, you can streamline workflows, ensure data integrity, save storage space and get quick access to long-term records.
  • That's not all. You can automate billing processes, optimise patient scheduling, reduce administrative burden, trim operating costs, and get insights on KPIs while identifying areas to improve financial performance.
  • With our tools, you can provide the best care while maximising efficiency and profitability.
homepage - renalworks
homepage - renalworks

Streamline Billing and Reimbursement

  • Enhance your clinic's billing and reimbursement processes by integrating treatment, billing, and claims. It automatically generates bills based on your patient's dialysis prescription and funding eligibility, reducing errors and denied claims.
  • Streamline claim management for efficient tracking and issue resolution, smoothening your financial operations.
  • Get valuable reports and insights into revenue streams, improve collections, and optimise cash flow management.

Meet the Highest Quality & Standards

  • By choosing our software, you can be assured of meeting international standards for quality, safety, security, and privacy, enabling you to provide the highest quality of care to your patients.
  • Registered with relevant regulatory authorities, our software gives you peace of mind as it complies with all applicable regulations and standards in your home country.
  • Empower your clinic with a secure, reliable, and high-quality software solution that meets the needs of your patients and your staff.
homepage - renalworks
homepage - renalworks

Get Personalised Care from Our Team

  • Our team at RenalWorks is committed to support and guide you every step of your Dialysis EHR journey.
  • We offer personalised consultation, hands-on user training, and detailed onboarding to ensure a smooth transition to our software.
  • As your partner, we help you navigate the complex world of EHRs to provide the best possible care to your patients.