Revolutionise Your Dialysis Centre Operations

Learn how RIMS Cloud’s different modules transforms your clinical and operational workflows.

Key Features of RIMS Cloud Dialysis Centre Software

Designed to streamline and improve clinical and administrative workflows in a dialysis centre, RIMS Cloud comprises the following 6 core modules:

Patient Block

  • Patient registration (entering data)
  • Storage, viewing of patient data
  • Viewing billing information

Administrative Block

  • Enter, view, search staff data (nurses, doctors, tenants)
  • Get information about dialysis machines and their maintenance

Billing Block

  • View guarantee letters
  • Create an invoice and bill the patient

Clinical Block

  • Data of dialysis procedure
  • Predialysis page (dialysis prescriptions, predialysis)
  • Dialysis page (patients measurements)
  • Postdialysis page (Postdialysis measurements, clinical notes, issues)
  • Analysis data (results)

Scheduling Block

  • Roster staff work schedules
  • Get information about dialysis machines and their maintenance
  • Analysis schedule
  • Dialysis schedule
  • Water test schedule

System Block

  • Offline mode can be set
  • Notifications
  • Separation of system functionality depending on the role
  • Data searching capability
  • Security (change password, auto logout)
  • Integration with laboratories and MIMS

What is RIMS Cloud?

RIMS Cloud is a cloud-based dialysis clinic management software that is a fully- featured and integrated Electronic Healthcare records (EHR) system and more. Designed and developed by experienced medical practitioners and administrators in the field of hemodialysis, it allows users to easily capture patient health information, prescriptions, clinical notes, medications and laboratory records in a single interface. Beyond this, RIMS Cloud streamlines your administrative functions like billing, inventory management, scheduling, manpower rostering, and others.

How RIMS Cloud’s Cloud-Based EHR Helps Your Dialysis Centre

As a cloud-based EHR, RIMS Cloud helps to bridge price and technology gaps between the dialysis centres in developed and middle-income countries. We do this by eliminating the high costs of software licences, hardware purchases, installations and integrations. Beyond this, value is delivered through cloud with built-in billing and inventory modules, which are ready for use without further installation and integration.

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