What is RenalGenie?

RenalGenie is an advanced cloud-based dialysis clinic management software designed to streamline and enhance operations within the dialysis industry. This comprehensive software offers features for efficient scheduling, patient record management, billing, funding organization claims, and more. Its cloud-based accessibility enables remote management, while its focus on patient care and compliance ensures that dialysis centers can provide the highest standard of service while optimizing their operations

Discover the innovation that defines us. In this video, we unveil the brilliance behind RenalGenie, showcasing its cutting-edge features and how it can transform your clinical experience. Join us on this journey of exploration and witness firsthand the power of RenalGenie.

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Key Features of RenalGenie

Designed to streamline and improve clinical and administrative workflows in a dialysis centre, RenalGenie Cloud comprises the following 6 core modules:

Patient Block

  • Patient Registration
  • Demographic and Dialysis Data Retrieval
  • Laboratory data storage
  • Review patient dialysis access and vaccination status
  • And more…

Administrative Block

  • (The feature empowers administrative staff to manage and customize various aspects of dialysis center operations efficiently)
  • Tenant management module
  • Branch-specific preference settings
  • User management
  • Machine / Equipment management
  • And more…

Clinical Block

  • Pre and Post dialysis data management
  • Dialysis-related data tracking
  • Dialysis page (patients measurements)
  • Doctor’s and Nursing Notes
  • Laboratory data console

Scheduling Block

  • Doctor’s review scheduling
  • Water test scheduling
  • Machine preventive maintenance scheduling
  • Blood test planning
  • Custom scheduling options

System Block

  • Offline mode can be set
  • Notifications
  • Separation of system functionality depending on the role
  • Data searching capability
  • Security (change password, auto logout)
  • Integration with laboratories

Billing Block

  • Generate order and sales invoices
  • Receipt Generation
  • Flexible patient funding configuration
  • Generate funding organization claims
  • Advance billing and accounting reports
  • And many more…

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Streamline Your Dialysis Centre Operations

Designed and developed by experienced medical practitioners and administrators in the field of hemodialysis, it allows users to easily capture patient health information, prescriptions, clinical notes, medications and laboratory records in a single interface. Beyond this, RenalGenie streamlines your administrative functions like billing, inventory management, scheduling, manpower rostering, and others.

How RenalGenie Transform Your Dialysis Center for Enhanced Efficiency and Patient Care

As a cloud-based EHR, RenalGenie Cloud is a catalyst in bridging the price and technology disparities among dialysis centers in both developed and middle-income countries. We achieve this by eliminating the burdensome costs associated with software licenses, hardware procurement, installations, and complex integrations. Beyond cost savings, RenalGenie offers value through the  cloud platform, complete with a billing module ready for immediate use, simplifying operations and financial management for dialysis centers.

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