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Getting Started

Keen to find out how our cloud-based EHR can work for your clinic? Book a product demo to learn all about the features and functionalities of RenalGenie Cloud!

Our product demo provides you with full access to our mock system, allowing you to experience the benefits of our full-fledged features and knowledge base. To sign up, visit our Contact Us page, click on “Request Demo”, fill up the required fields and submit. Our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

Recommended Hardware & Technical Specification

To experience the advantages of RenalGenie, the following technical requirements must be met.
Clients are responsible for adhering to RenalGenie’s technical requirements

High Speed Internet Connection Recommendations

  • PCs should connect to the Internet directly or via a local area network. Business broadband, including DSL, Cable, Fiber, Wireless, or T1 lines, typically meets these requirements at a low cost. Check the table below for recommended ISP bandwidth; note that these are estimates based on average usage, and extensive document scanning may need higher speeds.
  • For optimal performance, consider the middle or highest Business Class Internet plan from your ISP. Clients handle network troubleshooting beyond iSalus’s firewall. If there's increased office Internet traffic, consider higher speeds.


  • For the Desktops:
  • Chrome based (Chrome, Opera, Edge), Firefox, Safari. Testing will be carried out on the latest version of the browser that is currently up to date.
  • For the Tablets:
  • Chrome based (Chrome, Opera, Edge, Samsung Internet), Firefox.Testing will be carried out on the latest version of the browser that is currently up to date. Minimum size of tablets is at least 8.3". Resolutions: 1133x744 (Tablet in landscape orientation / small laptop), 744x1133 (Tabletin portrait orientation), 1440 (most laptops)

Frequently Asked Questions


What is RenalGenie?

RenalGenie is a comprehensive EHR system designed exclusively to help service providers tackle the challenges in operating dialysis centres.

An Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a digitised version of a patient’s medical chart. It brings together in one platform everything about a patient’s health. With an EHR system, you can easily access your patient’s medical history, diagnoses, medication, treatment data, laboratory results, clinical notes and other information anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Updated in real-time, RenalGenie is a secure web-based platform that can be seamlessly accessed by authorized users.

Why does my dialysis centre need an EHR such as RenalGenie?

A cloud-based EHR system like RenalGenie can help your dialysis centre to solve common pain points such as the following:

  • Manual processes and paper patient charts
  • Multiple data and software siloes
  • Lack of ready and accurate data for decision making
  • Sub-optimal and uncoordinated patient care
  • Operational and administrative inefficiencies
  • Slow process of collecting and processing payments and reimbursements

How does a dialysis software like RenalGenie benefit my dialysis centre?

RenalGenie can instantly improve your dialysis care and clinic operations worldwide by leveraging cloud and integrated functionalities. Our software works equally well in a single or multiple clinics, providing you with key outcomes such as the following:

  • Up-to-date and complete patient records
  • Efficient clinical and administrative workflows
  • Minimal labour overheads
  • Enhanced staff and patient retention
  • Improved financial operations and collections

What are the system requirements for RenalGenie?

RenalGenie is a cloud-based solution, which does not require any specialised hardware or software to be installed.

All you need is web browser — our system is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple’s Safari. You may choose to work on RenalGenie using your laptop (PC or Mac), desktop (PC or Mac), or tablet devices (including iPad and Android tablets).

How does RenalGenie billing module help to streamline billing processes in my dialysis centre?

RenalGenie billing module is a comprehensive module which enables users to process patients’ claims in a breeze.

The billing process begins with allowing your users to configure your patients’ payment plan in line with prevailing funding limits. It can also generate daily invoices, automatically calculate claimable amounts, and present patient claim amounts according to the individual funding organisations’ claim templates.

Can RenalGenie integrate with a clinical laboratory?

We are currently working with major laboratories like Gnosis Laboratories and Innoquest Phatology. We have specially designed RenalGenie to seamlessly integrate with the laboratory based FHIR standard to improve data exchange.

With RenalGenie laboratory module, users can send lab orders electronically to the lab. When the results of lab tests are ready, they can be easily accessible for review in RenalGenie.

Can RenalGenie be integrated to dialysis machines?

Currently, our platform is not integrated to dialysis machines due to the need for compliance to local regulatory classification. Nevertheless, integration with dialysis machines is included in our product roadmap should this be possible in the future.

Does RenalGenie prepared for ICD-10?

Not at this moment. However, we do intend to include ICD-10 to the product development as part of the product roadmap.

As an EHR, is RenalGenie certified?

RenalGenie is certified in accordance to ISO 9001 – Quality Management. This ensures proper documentation of processes and systems.

I want to implement RenalGenie in my dialysis centres. Where can I sign up?

Thank you for your warm interest in RenalGenie! After going through our product demo, you can enjoy one month of free product trial before switching to production and going live. 

During your product trial, you can start to fit in RenalGenie Cloud based EHR into your daily workflows and patients’ data.

To sign up you may reach out to us on our free trial page, click on “Sign Up”, fill up the required fields and submit. Our team members will arrange your demo and trial as soon as possible.

How long does it take to implement RenalGenie?

Implementation could takes 3-10 days between sign-up and going live. This depends on the size of your dialysis practice and your business requirement. However, we will do our best to ensure that you have a smooth transition without worrying about business disruption.

Upon signing up to RenalGenie, will user training be provided?

We understand the importance of providing training and resources to our users. Hence, a comprehensive walk-through of the different features will be provided to every user so that you can get up to speed with the product. Please also refer to the training materials, online help documentation, and request for live support from our customer success team.

If I decide to stop using RenalGenie, what will happen to my data?

You can request our support team to export all your data. This will be done safely and securely.

Is there any limit to the number of users I can register?

We do not limit the number of user that can be registered by each clinic. Hence, our system is suitable for dialysis clinics of every size.

My dialysis centre is currently using an existing EHR. How do I switch to RenalGenie?

Switching to a new EHR can be a complex process. With the right planning and support however, it can lead to improved efficiency and better patient care. Here are a few steps that we can help you to take:

  1. Identify the key features and functions that your dialysis centre needs in an EHR
  2. Develop a plan for migrating your existing data into the new system if required
  3. Comprehensive training on how to use RenalGenie
  4. Set a go-live date

I have further question about RenalGenie. How do I reach out to the support team?

You can always write in to our support team via email renalgenie.support@renalworks.com. You can also drop us a line at our Contact Us page. Our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

As a user, I encountered problems with RenalGenie system and I need assistance from the support team. What type of support is offered?

There are two types of support available for RenalGenie users:

a) Articles and detailed guides which are easily accessed in our knowledge base for authorised users.

b) Alternatively, you may write to our support team via email and our team member will attend to you as soon as possible.

What if my Internet goes down?

RenalGenie is designed with the capabilities to work in offline mode particularly for selected crucial modules. Thus, you can continue entering patient treatment data and once the connection resume, and our system will push the data to the cloud services.

Does RenalGenie has downtime?

Like any cloud-based software, we plan deployments and system maintenance during off peak hours.

Our team has extensive experience in handling server scalability. Hence, please be rest assured that we will provide you with highly available and scalable services with RenalGenie.

How can I share my feedback or change requests on RenalGenie?

Users may share feedback by reaching out to our support team members via email at renalgenie@renalworks.com.

Can RenalGenie be integrated to dialysis machines?

Currently, our platforms are not integrated to dialysis machines due to compliance of regulatory classification. Nevertheless, integration with dialysis machines is included in our product roadmap.

Can RenalGenie be integrated to dialysis machines?

Currently, our platforms are not integrated to dialysis machines due to compliance of regulatory classification. Nevertheless, integration with dialysis machines is included in our product roadmap.

The laboratory we are working with is not listed in the existing laboratory. Can you customize the integration for my organization?

Yes, we do support connecting to the lab of your choice. Do reach out to our team members via the contact page or their emails, and we will assist you on the request.

My organization has a specific billing documents template. Can you customize my template on RenalGenie?

Yes, we can help you to customise your needs to a specific billing documents template. Do reach out to our team members, and we will assist you on the request.

Where is my data stored?

We host using Amazon Web Services across multiple locations. We have taken several measures to ensure continued service is accessible for users. If you should face any issues such as your system is down, do send an email to renalgenie@renalworks.com. We will work to rectify them as soon as possible.

What data security measures do you have in place?

To ensure the protection of our customer data against unauthorised access, theft, and loss of data, we have taken multiple protective measures. Our security measures cover the following:

  1. Data Encryption
  2. Access Controls
  3. Regular Audits and Vulnerability Testing
  4. Backup and Disaster Recover
  5. Compliance and Regulations


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